Sikagard 63 N

Adam Lowe

Sikagard-63 N is a solvent free, two part epoxy resin coating. Abrasion resistant universal coating material designed for normal to highly aggressive chemical environments. For use on concrete, cementitious mortars and rendering, epoxy mortars (including Sika-EpoCem), steel and aluminium.

Sikagard 552 W Aquaprimer

Adam Lowe

Sikagard-552 W Aquaprimer is a one part water dispersed adhesion promoting primer for water dispersed polymer paint coatings. Priming coat for concrete and dense mineral substrates like fibre cement, aerated concrete, gypsum and thin rendering such as Sika® MonoTop®-620, Icoment-520 etc

Sikagard 551 S Elastic Primer

Adam Lowe

Sikagard-551 S Elastic Primer is a one part, solvent containing primer for very dense or very porous concrete surfaces and/or difficult application conditions. can also be used as primer on firmly adhering existing solvent based coatings

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