Sealboss 1570 Water Stop Foam


Flexible Foam Product Flexible Foam, Water-Activated chemical grout. Water activated hydrophobic flexible polyurethane foam, expands up to 20-30 times after contact. Seals cracks, expansion joints and stops water flow. Gel-time is accelerator-adjustable.

Sealboss 1510 Water Stop Foam


Water Cut-Off Injection Grout Semi-Flex Foam, Water-Activated chemical grout. Our most versatile product. Water activated hydrophobic polyurethane foam, expands up to 30-40 times. Used to stop gushing water, to fill voids, hairline cracks and for soil stabilization. Accelerator-adjustable gel time.

Sealboss 1500 Water Stop Foam


SealBoss ® 1500 Water-Stop-Foam is a low viscosity hydrophobic water activated (hydro active) water cut-off grout and foam seal grout based on a MDI (methylene-diphenylisocyanate) polyurethane. This product is a two component formulation to be mixed at a 1:1 ration by volume. The resin is 100% solvent free and 100% solids.

Sealboss Packers


Mechanical packers are typically used for either polyurethane or epoxy injection. they are inserted into pre drilled holes and tightened where the rubber bung expands to hold the packer in place. they come with a zerk fitting to make the connection with your line easy.

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