Sikagard 63 N

Adam Lowe

Sikagard-63 N is a solvent free, two part epoxy resin coating. Abrasion resistant universal coating material designed for normal to highly aggressive chemical environments. For use on concrete, cementitious mortars and rendering, epoxy mortars (including Sika-EpoCem), steel and aluminium.

Ronacrete RonaFloor SL

Adam Lowe

RonaFloor SL is a self-smoothing seamless epoxy resin flooring system. It combines good wear resistant properties with high chemical resistance and a smooth easy to clean gloss finish. Ronadeck SL floors are used in areas subject to foot and vehicle traffic in medium to heavy duty areas where decoration, durability and cleanliness are key requirements.

Ronacrete RonaFloor HB100 200 Vertical Grade and Rapid Grade

Adam Lowe

RonaFloor HB 100 and HB 200 are solvent free high build epoxy floor coatings for use on concrete, screeded and granolithic floors. They provide excellent abrasion and chemical resistance to floors subject to constant traffic. Two coats of Ronadeck HB 100 or HB 200 also provide an easy to clean gloss finish. Cured dry film thickness is between 0.1mm and 0.4mm depending on grade,
application rate and number of coats.

Ronacrete RonaFloor Epoxy Floor Mortar

Adam Lowe

Ronadeck Epoxy Floor Mortar Standard and Rapid are high performance epoxy
resin mortars for repairing existing floors and providing new wearing surfaces in light and heavy traffic areas. Its formulation allows thin section application
down to 2mm and feather edge.

Ronacrete RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing

Adam Lowe

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrian and vehicle trafficked surfaces such as paths, walkways, pavements, patio areas, driveways, car park bays, small car parks. RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is functional, highly decorative, can be laid without joints and is slightly flexible. It offers an attractive alternative to concrete, tarmac, block paving and resin bonded aggregate finishes such as RonaDeck Resin Bonded Surfacing.

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