Fosroc Nitoflor FC130

Adam Lowe

To provide a dust-proof easily cleaned surface which is resistant to most oils and liquids. It is suitable for use on walls and floors in warehouses, garages, light industrial and food processing areas, kitchens and other areas of pedestrian and light vehicular traffic.

Fosroc Nitocote EP405

Adam Lowe

Non-toxic solvent free epoxy resin coating for potable water retaining structures. For lining and waterproofing. suitable for application to tanks, silos, reservoirs, water treatment works, breweries, dairies and meat and food processing plants

Flexcrete Cemprotec EF Primer

Adam Lowe

Cemprotec EF Primer is a modified, styrene acrylic copolymer impregnant with high penetration, to stabilise and seal cementitious and asphalt floors prior to the application of the Cemprotec range of cementitious coatings and mortars.

Flexcrete Cemprotec Levelling Coat

Adam Lowe

Cemprotec Levelling Coat is a two component epoxy and cementitious modified polymer screed for levelling concrete substrates in trafficked areas prior to the application of Cemprotec E-Floor.It is specially formulated to harden rapidly to form a durable surface, which can typically be overcoated within 24 hours.

Flexcrete Bond Prime

Adam Lowe

Flexcrete Bond Primer is a two component, water based product consisting of a pre-reacted epoxy resin dispersed in water (Part A) and a waterborne modified polyamine solution (Part B). When mixed it produces a slightly viscous, milky green dispersion for application by brush, roller or airless spray to prime and stabilise a wide range of building substrates prior to the application of specialist membranes and sealants in the Flexcrete range. It cures to form a clear film with a green tint, both on and within the substrate, to provide an ideal surface for subsequent treatment.

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