Sikagard 670 W Elastocolor

Adam Lowe

Sikagard® -670 W ElastoColor is used for protection and enhancement of concrete structures (normal and lightweight concrete). Sikagard® -670 W ElastoColor is used with concrete repair works as a protective coating on Sika® smoothing mortar (refer to your product / system data sheet), fibre cement and overcoating of existing soundly adhering coatings

Sika Poxitar

Adam Lowe

Epoxy-anthracene oil-combination. Heavy duty coating for steel and concrete. Resistant 2-component reaction hardening coating of low solvent content. internal and external coating for buried and submerged structures, e.g. sewage systems, chemical industry etc. Also suitable where application onto damp concrete is inevitable.

Sika Igolflex 201

Adam Lowe

Sika® Igolflex®-201 is a two-part, solvent-free and fibre reinforced coating, based on a polymer-modified bitumen emulsion. Part one contains the liquid polymer modified bitumen emulsion, with the fibre reinforcement. Part two contains the reactive component for accelerated curing.

Ronacrete RonaFloor Concrete Dustproofer

Adam Lowe

Ronafloor concrete dustproofer is a liquid surface hardener and dustproofer for new and old concrete. The chemicals in Monotect react with the free lime in the concrete substrates and convert the particles to hard, stable crystals. These crystals are bonded to, and become an integral part of the concrete

RIW Cementseal

Adam Lowe

RIW Cementseal is a two component polymer modified cement based waterproof concrete sealer coating with excellent adhesion to prepared concrete and masonry substrates. When mixed, this concrete and masonry sealer exhibits a good degree of thixotropy to enable ease of application by brush or spray techniques to give an even finish with no sagging even in vertical situations. It cures to form a durable, highly alkaline, tough waterproof coating which acts as a concrete waterproofing sealer and protects the concrete, or other substrates, from water penetration and carbon dioxide diffusion. It can also be used as a concrete floor sealer.

Mapei Keraquick S1

Adam Lowe

High-performance, quick-setting, deformable cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles and stone material stable in the presence of humidity (thickness of adhesive up to 10 mm). With very low emission of volatile organic compounds.

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