Fosroc Proofex Cavitydrain

Adam Lowe

Proofex Cavitydrain is a profiled HDPE with ribbed conical voids spaced to permit high water flow through a permanent void against the sub-structure face. Mortar or concrete is poured into the conical voids on the internal face of the drainage former allowing high load transfer to structural elements.

Fosroc Nitoseal PU12

Adam Lowe

Nitoseal PU12 is a two-part, elastomeric joint sealant based on polyurethane technology. It is supplied in packs containing base compound and curing agent in the correct proportions which, when mixed, cure to form a tough rubber-like material. Adhesion to most commonly used construction materials is excellent.

Fosroc Nitoseal MS300

Adam Lowe

Nitoseal MS300 is suitable for sealing saw-cut and movement joints in internal floors, and external joints where abrasion resistance is required. Factory floors Sports stadia terracing Shopping centres Warehouse and distribution depots

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