Fosroc Proofex Engage

Adam Lowe

Proofex Engage is a unique patented system comprising a complex cell mesh bonded to a poyethylene membrane which allows poured concrete to interlock with the membrane forming a tenacious mechanical bond. Proofex Engage is supplied with a selvedge on one side to provide sealaed laps.

Fosroc Proofex Hydromat

Adam Lowe

Proofex Hydromat consists of two elements – Natural sodium bentonite as the sealing material, Two layers of geotextile to encapsulate and contain the bentonite. A continuous layer of natural sodium bentonite is sandwiched between a needle-punched polypropylene geotextile (the cover layer) and a slit film woven geotextile (the carrier layer). The components are needle-punched together uniformly across the membrane to hold the bentonite sealing material in a stable position.

Fosroc Proofex Total

Adam Lowe

Proofex Total is a black, 6-layer, reinforced, totally gas impermeable membrane comprising an aluminium foil layer and a polyester reinforcing grid sandwiched between four layers of polyolefins. Reinforced gas membrane designed to protect buildings and their occupants from the effects of methane, radon, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

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