Ronabond Joltec Transparent Primer is a clear, single component primer for
concrete, masonry and tiles.
Do not apply to soffits, below dpc level or to damp substrates. Avoid application
in strong direct sunlight or strong dry winds. Apply at air and substrate
temperatures between 5oC and 35oC.
Prepare the substrate by suitable means (e.g. grit blasting, high pressure water
jetting, scraping, chemical removal) to provide a sound, clean and stable
surface; surfaces must be dry. Treat surfaces with Ronacrete Fongimousse Plus as
necessary to eliminate surface contamination, moss, algae, fungal growth, etc
Apply by brush or medium pile roller. More than one coat may be required on
porous substrates. Minimum overcoat time is 6 hours. If the primer remains
uncoated for 72 hours, it must be solvent washed and re-primed.

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