Newton 106 FlexProof is a highly advanced, single component, waterproofing compound for the waterproofing of joints that is supplied in two variants: Newton 106 FlexProof-X1 is a highly viscous, thixotropic paste that is suitable for the waterproofing of construction and vertical movement joints, whilst Newton 106 FlexProof-NV has a lower viscosity and so is pourable and better suited where the application is to horizontal movement joints. Both variants form an elastomeric polymer that is rainproof in minutes and capable of handling severe building movements and deformations. With a superb bond to most building materials and with very high levels of flexibility, Newton 106 FlexProof is capable of resisting both negative side and positive side water-pressure at construction joints, even where movement is expected. The product has the ability to remain watertight against positive pressure even when resisting 20% expansion and compression and 10% shear, and so is especially useful where waterproofing is required within movement joints and at the interfaces of differing materials. Backed by extensive MFPA test data, Newton 106 FlexProof is also a constituent part of the Newton HydroBond System, which is supported by BDA Agrément® BAB 17-031/04/A.