SAFELEASE -Environmentally Friendly Formwork Release Agent
SAFELEASE has been developed using the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce an
environmentally friendly and highly efficient release material for concrete formwork on site.
SAFELEASE is ready to use and particularly suited to outdoor use on faced sealed plywood, steel
moulds and other impervious formwork materials.
• Recommended for high quality finishes
• WRAS approved product
• Low to no odour
• Safe, environmentally friendly product.
• NO VOC content
• Low viscosity for easy application
• Readily biodegradable
• After water evaporation, film is resistant to
water wash off
• Forms may be stripped early when other
factors permit.
• Suitable for use with white, coloured or
standard OPC concrete finishes.
• Non staining
• Fully compatible with the subsequent
application of silicone or similar surface
treatments when used as recommended