Water Base, High Efficiency Concrete Curing Compound
SAFECURE SUPER is a spray-on temporary membrane to retain moisture in freshly placed concrete. It is formulated to prevent evaporation of the gauging water and provides an economical and efficient method for curing concrete.
• Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by controlling moisture loss from surfaces.
• Increases water resistance.
• Enables cement to hydrate more efficiently.
• Prevents dusting.
• Non toxic and non flammable.
• Eliminates need for damp hessian, sand or polythene
SAFECURE SUPER is a transparent, low viscosity liquid which has an alkali reactive emulsion breaking system. This system ensures that the emulsion breaks down to form a penetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with a cementitious surface. This impervious film prevents excessive water evaporation which in turn permits more efficient cement hydration, reducing shrinkage and increasing durability. The membrane once formed is degraded when exposed to ultraviolet light over a period of time depending on the conditions of exposure.