EXTRACON DS is a chemical release agent specifically formulated to give easy release of formwork and high quality surface finishes to concrete. Equally suitable for use with form liner systems.
•Suitable for use with all types of
• It is a suspension and sediment free, highly mobile liquid, which can be used in very fine sprays without clogging the jets.
• Has no unpleasant odour even when using a fine fog spray.
• Very economic coverage rates can be obtained without difficulty.
• Retains its mobility at low temperatures.
• It may be applied immediately prior to casting, or treated forms may be left until apparently dry.
• May be used to affect positive release with liner systems. (Rubber, neoprene and EPS.)
• Continued use gives progressively better results on timber formwork.
• Dries in 2-3 hours to give a safe walking surface on soffits shutters which are not affected by rain.
• Can be used with either grey or white cement, also concretes containing pigments.
• Provides a quick, positive release of formwork, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and moulds.
• Drastically reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining.
• It is an effective rust inhibitor.
• Listed under Water Bylaws Scheme as suitable for use on potable water.