ADOTUF Concrete Surface Hardener and Dust-proofer
The application of ADOTUF to an existing cement-bound floor will significantly improve the properties of the floor to render it. ADOTUF is a liquid chemical solution which when diluted with water and applied to existing cement-bound floors case-hardens the surface, rendering it dustproof even when subjected to wire-brushing. It also greatly improves resistance to deterioration due to spillage of oils, greases and acids. This is achieved by the special chemicals in ADOTUF which enter the pores and capillaries in the concrete and combine with free lime to form an extremely hard, chemically resistant crystalline material which becomes an integral part of the floor.
ADOTUF will greatly extend the life of both old and new floors. It not only considerably reduces floor maintenance and subsequent cleaning costs, but also reduces dust hazard to both health and machinery. Applying ADOTUF is quick and easy, and may be carried out by unskilled labour with only a minimum of interruption to floor usage. ADOTUF is a treatment for all cement-bound floors but will not be effective in binding together surfaces where the cement paste is of such poor quality that its surface is in a state of disintegration.
• Dustproof
• Oil and grease proof
• Case hardened
• Resistant to dilute acids
• More durable
• Longer lasting
• Easier to clean