Concrete Mould Oil (BCA Category 5)
ADOSTRIKE is high quality mould oil for general site and precast yard use that achieves a top quality concrete finish in most situations. Release is achieved by the oil forming a physical barrier between the formwork surface and the concrete. Surfactants help to eliminate blowholes and provide a clean uniform and non-stained surface.
• Facilitates easy formwork release.
• Provides uniform stain-free concrete surfaces high quality.
• Minimises incidence of surface air voids.
• Reduces form cleaning to a minimum.
• Highly resistant to removal by rain showers or foot traffic.
• High coverage rate provides economic usage.
• Suitable for use on all types of formwork in all climatic conditions.
• Easy application by spray, brush or swab.
• Suitable for use on sealed or unsealed timber
• Forms may be stripped early as other factors permit
• Ideal for achieving release from multi-planed features e.g. trapezoidal ribs, cone shaped column heads etc.
• Suitable for use with white or standard OPC concrete finishes.
• Fully compatible with the subsequent application of silicone or similar surface treatments when