ADOLEASE is release agent that design for general site use to achieve easy formwork release. It is a blend of reactive oils in a partially evaporative rapid drying hydrocarbon carrier. The carrier dries to form a positive barrier coating on the form face. This leaves the reactive materials that subsequently combine with alkalis in the concrete to form soaps at the interface of the formwork barrier coating and the concrete. This double action not only facilitates easy formwork release and first class concrete finish but also maintains a degree of formwork cleanliness beyond that generally obtained by other release agents. Adolease is WBS listed for use where concrete will be in contact with potable water. WRAS Approval Letter Number 0710538
• Double action provides physical barrier and chemical release properties.
• Facilitates maximum re-usage of all types of formwork.
• Provides uniform stain-free concrete surfaces.
• Minimises incidence of surface air voids.
• Will not impair the bond of any subsequent treatments to concrete.
• Concrete deposits on forms virtually eliminated.
• Dries rapidly on forms to provide cleaner and safer working surfaces.
• Will not be removed by rain showers or foot traffic.
• Inhibits rust formation on steel forms.
• Light spray mist coat application provides extremely economic usage.
• Suitable for use on all types of formwork