Curing Compounds
ADOCURE WW is physically “locks” moisture into freshly cast concrete surfaces to allow full hydration of the cement thus allowing the concrete to fully “cure”. It does this by blocking the pores in the concrete surface with a silica gel, this gel has been specially developed to dry out over a period of seven days or so, the most critical period for concrete curing, in so doing it gradually shrinks, thereby unblocking the pores in the concrete giving access to the capillaries within the concrete which then allows the uninhibited uptake of subsequent concrete surface treatments such as silane.
ADOCURE WWT is identical in every respect to ADOCUREWW other than it contains a blue dye to ease identification and application. This is a fugitive dye i.e. it is removed under the action of ultra violet light, and correctly applied will not permanently discolour the concrete.
We guarantee that ADOCUREWW and ADOCUREWWT will not adversely affect the bonding of any renders screeds or coatings that would normally bond to concrete.
• Economical and easy to use.
• Prevents premature drying out of the concrete surface, thus:
• Reducing the risks of surface cracking and reducing the risk of surface dusting.
• Improves the durability of the concrete surface.
• Will enable the concrete to attain improved physical properties.
• Silane compatible. Environmentally friendly
• Guaranteed not to adversely affect the bond of subsequent coatings, screeds or renders.
• UKWFBS listed as suitable for use on potable water projects.