ADOBOND-SBR is a styrene butadiene emulsion for use as an admixture in cementitious compounds. Its use will improve many of the properties of the compound, improvements in many instances superior to those obtained by the use of other emulsions such as PVA’s and acrylics, especially under wet conditions of service.
ADOBOND-SBR is compatible with all types of Portland Cements including Sulphate Resisting, and with High Alumina Cements.
• Excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, masonry,
renders, and steel
• Waterproof and weather resistant properties,
• Improved tensile and flexural strengths,
• Greater flexibility,
• Improved resistance to abrasion,
• Reduction in curing shrinkage,
• Reduced preparation on walls and floors prior to
application of screeds and renders.
• Water resistant screeds and renders,
• Waterproofing basement structures,
• Underlayment levelling screeds,
• Wear resistant flooring,
• Resurfacing mortars with feather edging properties
• Concrete repairs,
• Bonding