Triton Platon Sealing Rope

Adam Lowe

Platon Sealing Rope is a blue butyl sealing rope which can be used to form a seal around the neck of the Platon Brick Plug and the membrane when the plug is driven home into the substrate. Platon Sealing Rope may also be used to form a seal at the overlap of adjacent Platon Membrane sheets.

Triton Platon Corner Tape

Adam Lowe

Platon Corner Strip Tape is a Heavy Duty, 1.5mm thick Sealing Tape used to link Platon Waterproof Membranes at Floor to Wall joints. Platon Corner Strip Tape is folded in half and positioned with the crease into the wall / floor angle.

Triton Anti Lime Coating

Adam Lowe

Triton Anti-lime Coating. Designed to seal concrete surfaces and to reduce the leaching of ‘free lime’. Will also increase resistance to abrasion and acid concentrates. Normally only one coat of this totally safe, water based formulation is required which can be applied using a brush or spray unit.

Triton Platon Double Drain External Drainage Membrane

Adam Lowe

Platon Double Drain. Drainage and protection cavity membrane used externally against retaining walls and across terraces and podiums. Platon Double Drain protects the primary waterproofing membrane from damage during back-filling or covering whilst maintaining a clear space which allows water to de-pressurise and drain freely.

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