Fosroc Renderoc HB

Adam Lowe

Renderoc HB is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent, lightweight repair mortar. The material is based on Portland cement, graded aggregates, lightweight fillers and chemical additives and is polymer and fibre modified to provide a mortar with good handling characteristics, while minimising water demand. The hardened product exhibits excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and outstanding water repellent properties.

Flexcrete Monomix WS

Adam Lowe

Monomix WS is a low density, high strength, shrinkage compensated mortar, which can be applied by wet process spraying techniques for the structural repair, rendering and profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces.



weber.cem conspray is a ready-to-use cement based concrete mix. It contains inert graded aggregates and dust suppressants. The formulation has been designed for dry process spray application to give rapid throughput reduced rebound and to maximise application thickness.