Oldroyd Xv Cavity Membrane Clear

Adam Lowe

Oldroyd Xv Clear is a semi-transparent, studded cavity drainage membrane manufactured from polypropylene. It is specifically designed for application to damp / contaminated internal floors and walls, and is particularly useful in basement waterproofing / conversion applications. Oldroyd Xv Clear is applied to walls and ceilings by means of special sealed fixing plugs (Oldroyd Brick Plugs), while on floors, there is normally no need for any form of fixing. The semi-transparant nature of Oldroyd Xv Clear makes it easy to locate suitable fixing points (e.g. avoiding soft mortar beds).

Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane

Adam Lowe

Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane (formally Oldroyd P) is a studded polypropylene waterproofing membrane with a special mesh welded to one side. It is fixed to damp, contaminated walls using Oldroyd Plaster Plugs, with the studs facing the wall. This creates an air-gap which allows the wall to breathe whilst blocking the passage of moisture. On the reverse side of the membrane, the special mesh can be plastered onto, allowing a dry plaster finish to be achieved without the risk of contamination from any damp or salts in the wall.

Oldroyd Xv 20

Adam Lowe

Oldroyd Xv20 is a large (20mm) stud-size cavity drainage membrane with applications in waterproofing, drainage, and ground-gas control Oldroyd Xv20 benefits from large 20mm dimension studs providing greater drainage and flow capacity than standard cavity drain membranes. For this reason Oldroyd Xv20 is ideally suited to civil-engineering applications and the waterproofing of large commercial basements.