GCP Preprufe 300R 160R

Adam Lowe

Preprufe® Pre-applied Waterproofing Membranes are unique multi-layered composite waterproofing sheets made from a thick solar reflective HDPE film, a highly aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive and a weather resistant protective coating that allows freshly poured concrete to fully adhere to the membrane to prevent water tracking. Unlike some conventional membranes that are vulnerable to water penetration at junctions and penetrations, the unique Preprufe® seal with the concrete prevents any entry or migration of moisture around the structure from hydrostatic pressure or ground contamination.

GCP Servitite

Adam Lowe

Servitite is a specially formulated PVC, internally cast, heavy duty waterstop system manufactured in a range of sizes and grades for use in reinforced concrete structures. Servitite is cast into the centre of the concrete member where it provides resistance against high hydrostatic pressure from both faces.

GCP Vertiseal CE

Adam Lowe

Vertiseal is a gun grade, high performance polysulphide sealant for general civil and structural applications and is suitable for all types of joints in potable water retaining structures. Vertiseal is easy to apply and the reactor-in-base aids uniform dispersal during mixing. It can be used in wide joints up to 40mm.

GCP Bituthene 8000

Adam Lowe

Bituthene® 8000/ 8000S combines the proven Bituthene adhesive technology with a unique, grey coloured carrier film to provide superior performance and easier installation. Bituthene 8000/ 8000S is extremely tough but any accidental damage which would otherwise be missed, is made visible by the black compound showing through the light grey film.


Adam Lowe

This is a ready to use powder premix comprising cement, selected particle size quartz, synthetic resins and special additives. Betec Seal is mixed with water using a slow speed drill and paddle to form a smooth slurry. The slurry is applied by brush or trowel, in two or three coats, to horizontal and vertical surfaces and dries to form a hard, durable, waterproof cementitious coating.

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