Adam Lowe

weber.tec mulsibond is a low viscosity specially blended acrylic copolymer emulsion based product with exceptional penetrating properties. It has been used successfully for sealing hairline cracks in reinforced concrete granolithic mosaic and terrazzo floors and for consolidating hollow floor screeds.

SikaBond AT Metal

Adam Lowe

SikaBond AT-Metal is a one part, solvent-free, elastic adhesive and sealant for porous and non-porous substrates, particularly for metals. SikaBond AT-Metal is based on Silane Terminated Polymers. strong adhesion on non-porous substrates, especially on metals (aluminium, copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc), and many plastics (PVC, powder coatings, etc.)

SikaBond AT Universal

Adam Lowe

SikaBond AT-Universal is a one part, solvent-free, elastic adhesive. SikaBond AT-Universal is based on Silane Terminated Polymers and has a very good adhesion on both non-porous and porous substrates. SikaBond AT-Universal is a multipurpose adhesive for internal and external bonding

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