Sikafloor 405

Adam Lowe

Sikafloor®-405 is a one part, pigmented, highly elastic, solvent containing, UV resistant, moisture triggered curing polyurethane resin coating. Slip resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, crack-bridging coating for concrete,cementitious screed substrates and tiles. For light to medium mechanical exposure For balconies, terraces, footbridges, stairways, galleries

RIW Flexiseal


RIW Flexiseal is a two coat, seamless and fully bonded liquid applied waterproof coating based on polyurethane technology. RIW Flexiseal cures by drawing moisture from the air to form a highly flexible but durable barrier to water and water vapour and is typically used in the UK where a high performance waterproof coating based tanking system is required.

Sikafloor 415


Sikafloor®-415 is a one part, aliphatic polyurethane coating on a carbonate base used as a wear-resistant finishing coat for the Sika® Balcony Premium System but also used in combination with the Sika PU Accelerator as a sealer and base coat for Sika Balcony Fast Cure I System.