Ardex A 45

Adam Lowe

Rapid hardening and drying internal repair mortar. Receives finishes after 11/2 hours. Slump free – ideal for vertical and horizontal repairs. Rapid repair of internal concrete sub-floors and concrete stairs. Fills holes and cracks in renders, screeds etc. Available in 11kg bags and 5kg tubs. Rapidry Formula.

Ardex A 35

Adam Lowe

Rapid hardening and drying cement for floor screeds. Used in place of Portland Cement in cement/sand screeds. ARDEX A 35 produces a floor screed that can be walked on after 3 hours and is dry enough to receive floor coverings after 24 hours regardless of screed thickness or 4 hours when smoothed with ARDEX A 55. After 1 day the compressive and tensile strengths of an ARDEX A 35 screed exceed the acceptable minimum attained by a conventional screed after 28 days.

Ardex A 35 MIX

Adam Lowe

Rapid drying pre-blended screeding and screed repair mortar. Cement and sand included – just add water. For new screeds or repairs to existing screeds Rapid hardening – walkable in 3 hours. Rapid drying – receives floorcoverings after 24 hours or 4 hours, when smoothed with ARDEX A 55, regardless of thickness. Conforms to EN13813 CT-C35-F6. Test with BRE screed tester after 6 hours. Apply as bonded, unbonded or floating screed. Rapid strength development. Rapid Formula.

Arditex NA


ARDITEX NA is a self-smoothing, protein free latex levelling compound with improved flow and excellent adhesion, flexibility and water resistance.These unique properties ensure that ARDITEX NA can be used with confidence over most old adhesive residues and is suitable to receive most floorcoverings after only 4 hours

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